contract lawyer in baton rouge, ascension parish, prairieville, Louisiana
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By Eric Kallio
Founding Attorney

Having a business means dealing with contracts. You could have contracts for employees, clients, vendors, and many others. When well executed, contracts are helpful tools that minimize liability exposure and protect your interests. 

Having a well-drafted contract is essential, but the process of drafting requires experience and skill. That’s where an attorney can be invaluable. Learn how an attorney can help your business with contract drafting. 

Attorneys Offer Experience and Commercial Awareness

Lawyers with experience in contract drafting can draft contracts that protect your interests while still standing up in court. They will be able to spot any potential legal issues and any real legal issues that arise. If there are any changes that you need to make to a contract to ensure it is legally binding, they will help you achieve this. 

The wording of the contract has to be precise. If the wording isn’t ironclad, you could face problems if someone involved breaks their end of the deal. An experienced attorney will make certain that the contract addresses all business concerns and legal procedures that will protect you:

Attorneys Have Negotiation Skills

When entering into a contract with another party, you need to know you are getting the best deal possible. A lawyer will review the contract for you and negotiate on your behalf. They’ll be able to find areas where the contract may not work to your benefit, and they can then offer revision assistance by rewording terms. 

It’s common for people to sign contracts without really knowing what they’re getting into. Having an attorney ready to read every contract for you will help to ensure that you always know what the terms are before you sign. 

Attorneys Manage Contract Breaches and Disputes

If a deadline comes and goes and the other party fails to keep their part of the deal, or if an employee isn’t performing at the level they’ve agreed to, a lawyer can help you manage a breach of contract. 

As long as the contract is valid and you have a lawyer on your side, a breach of contract is not a huge issue. Your lawyer will review the contract and advise you on the next legal steps you should take. Depending on the losses you’ve experienced because of the breach, your lawyer may suggest settling out of court or going to trial. 

If someone accuses you of failing to meet your part of the contract, you also need to have an attorney helping you. Even if you know you’ve met all of your contractual obligations, you still need to make sure you have someone ready to represent you if the dispute continues. 

Attorneys Allow You to Focus on Your Strengths

When you know you have an experienced attorney on your side, you don’t have to stress over contract wording and other similar issues. Instead, you can focus on what you do best: running your business. 

You will have the necessary protection you need to have peace of mind without having to spend lots of time dealing with the ins and outs of the legal world. 

Turning to Experienced Business Attorneys

Running a business requires relying on skilled business attorneys to offer advice, draft contracts, negotiate terms, and provide many other services. At Kallio, we can guide you in many aspects of business law so you can continue to grow without putting yourself at risk. 

To avoid serious legal ramifications, always turn to a business law attorney for contract drafting services. Call Kallio Law Firm today to schedule a consultation. Serving Prairieville, Ascension Parish and the greater Baton Rouge area. 

About the Author
Attorney Eric Kallio is the founder of Kallio Law, focusing his practice on estate planning, wills, successions, business law, tax law, aviation law, and veterans benefit law. Eric brings the depth of his professional and educational experience to bear for his clients, advocating passionately on their behalf.