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At Kallio Law Firm, LLC, we prioritize providing comprehensive legal services tailored to your unique needs. Led by Eric Kallio, our firm offers unparalleled guidance in estate planning, business law, tax regulations, aviation matters, and veterans’ benefits in Prairieville, Ascension Parish, and the Greater Baton Rouge area. With our deep understanding of the legal landscape, we aim to navigate complex legal matters on your behalf, ensuring informed decisions at every turn. As your dedicated partner, our focus is always on achieving the best outcomes for your specific circumstances.

Estate Planning, Wills, and Succession

Estate planning is a critical step in safeguarding your assets and ensuring your loved ones are taken care of according to your wishes. Without a clear plan, families can face legal complexities and unforeseen challenges. Attorney Eric Kallio brings a careful approach to estate planning, ensuring that every detail aligns with your specific needs.

Choosing Kallio Law Firm for estate services means partnering with a firm that combines legal experience with a commitment to your individual needs. Eric Kallio’s years of experience ensure that your estate plan is carefully crafted and legally sound. With our client-focused approach, we prioritize clarity, precision, and personalized solutions, so that your legacy is safeguarded for future generations.


Wills are essential tools in detailing your wishes for the distribution of assets upon your passing. Without a well-structured will, decisions about your assets might be left to state laws, potentially not reflecting your specific intentions. Collaborating with Kallio Law Firm ensures that your will is crafted with precision and competence, providing peace of mind for you and a clear directive for your beneficiaries in the future.


Trusts are a tool used to support a proper will in the disposition of assets both during life and after death. While many firms push the Revocable Living Trust as a ‘must have’ in your estate plan, we encourage you to come talk with Kallio Law Firm to really see how a trust may, or in some cases may not, be the best fit for your estate plan. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective and efficient plan that suits your needs, not what someone wants to sell you. Quite often the use of trusts created by the will, or another form of trust might serve your needs better and save you money in the end.

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney, or Mandate as we call them in Louisiana, enables a person to appoint someone to manage their affairs and make certain decisions if they are unable to do so for themselves. All too often we hear people say, I am healthy, I do not need a power of attorney. But once you need one it is too late to get one. Prior planning is important to ensure you are protected and cared for should the unexpected happen. Talk with Kallio Law Firm about how we can put these protections and plans in place for you before you need it.


Succession, also referred to as probate, refers to the legal process of transferring assets and settling debts after someone passes away. By engaging with Kallio Law Firm, clients can navigate the complexities of succession efficiently, ensuring that assets are distributed according to their intended wishes and minimizing potential disputes among beneficiaries.

Elder Care and Medicaid Planning

Elder care and Medicaid planning are essential components of preparing for the later stages of life, ensuring that individuals have access to the care they need without depleting their assets. With the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and government benefits, navigating these areas can be complex. Kallio Law Firm offers knowledgeable guidance in this realm, helping clients make informed decisions about long-term care options and strategizing to optimize Medicaid benefits while preserving assets for future generations.


Unfortunately so many people fail to plan for the unexpected and find themselves in a situation where they are unable to care for themselves or manage their affairs. Someone is going to have to care for them but they did not put a proper power of attorney in place. Interdiction may be the option of last resort. In an interdiction we petition the court to appoint someone as the guardian over that person. It is a delicate process, and unfortunately very personal for the family. Kallio Law Firm can help with this process to help your loved one get the care and protections they deserve.

Business Law

Business law acts as an essential roadmap for small businesses, guiding them through the commercial world with a strong legal and strategic foundation. For many small business owners, determining the optimal structure—whether it’s a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation—is a fundamental step with long-term implications. At Kallio Law Firm, we specialize in guiding businesses through these pivotal decisions, ensuring they choose structures that align with their vision and operational goals. Furthermore, we provide careful drafting of operating agreements and articles, establishing a clear roadmap for business governance and operations.

Businesses frequently encounter the challenges of negotiating and understanding contracts, leases, and various agreements that dictate their daily operations. Missteps in these areas can lead to avoidable financial and legal pitfalls. With Kallio Law Firm’s guidance, business owners can adeptly maneuver through contractual complexities. Whether it’s reviewing lease agreements, ensuring contracts protect the business’s interests, or providing counsel on potential negotiations, our team is dedicated to safeguarding the interests and growth potential of small businesses.

Tax Law

Tax law, with its myriad of regulations and intricacies, plays a pivotal role for both individuals and businesses aiming for fiscal prudence and compliance. Especially when navigating the realms of personal income or corporate taxation, having seasoned advice can significantly change the outcome. Attorney Eric Kallio, who has a certificate in tax law and a Ph.D. in business administration, provides sophisticated guidance on a range of tax matters, from deductions and credits to dispute resolutions with tax authorities, ensuring that clients remain informed and compliant while optimizing their financial positions.

The ramifications of tax-related oversights can be profound, encompassing financial repercussions to stringent legal consequences. Businesses, in particular, must have a keen understanding of tax implications in diverse scenarios like mergers or acquisitions. Entrusting these matters to Kallio Law Firm means accessing a unique blend of legal and business acumen, empowering clients to navigate the fiscal landscape with confidence and clarity.

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Aviation Law

Aviation law, given its depth and breadth, encompasses regulations and standards that dictate various facets of the aviation industry. Among these are FAA enforcement action defense, thorough review of aircraft purchase or sales agreements, litigation defense, aviation accident and injury law, and matters related to civil fines. At Kallio Law Firm, our comprehensive understanding of these areas is further enhanced by Eric Kallio’s firsthand experience in the aviation field. As a licensed pilot, flight instructor, and mechanic, Eric brings a unique blend of practical knowledge and legal experience, ensuring clients receive a robust defense and informed guidance in all aviation-related matters.

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Veterans’ Benefits

Veterans’ benefits law encompasses the rights and entitlements granted to those who have served in the armed forces. Navigating the intricacies of these benefits, from healthcare to disability compensation, often requires specialized legal knowledge. At Kallio Law Firm, we’re deeply committed to assisting veterans in understanding and accessing the benefits they’ve rightfully earned. Eric Kallio works diligently to ensure that veterans receive the recognition and support they deserve.

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