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Kallio Law Firm, LLC stands at the forefront of aviation law in Louisiana, offering unmatched expertise in FAA enforcement defense to clients throughout Prairieville, Ascension Parish, and the Greater Baton Rouge area. Our lead attorney, Eric Kallio, with his distinguished background in aviation as a Chief Warrant Officer 4 and nearly 23 years of service in the U.S. Army, as well as his impressive law credentials, possesses an unparalleled blend of aviation knowledge and legal acumen. 

This unique expertise makes him especially qualified to assist aviation professionals facing FAA enforcement actions. Understanding the implications and navigating the complexities of FAA regulations requires a seasoned lawyer, and Eric’s extensive experience in both aviation and law positions him as an invaluable asset to those in the aviation sector.

What Is FAA Enforcement Defense?

FAA enforcement defense involves legal strategies and actions taken to defend individuals and organizations against enforcement actions initiated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These actions can range from certificate actions, such as suspensions or revocations, to civil penalties related to alleged violations of aviation regulations.

Certificate Actions

Certificate actions are measures the FAA may take against an individual’s or entity’s aviation certificates, such as pilot, mechanic, or air carrier certificates. These actions can include suspension, revocation, or amendment of certificates, usually due to alleged noncompliance with aviation laws or regulations.

Civil Penalty Actions 

Civil penalty actions are another subset of FAA enforcement actions that focus on monetary penalties imposed for violations of aviation regulations. Unlike certificate actions, which directly affect an individual’s or entity’s ability to operate within the aviation space, civil penalties are financial and aim to deter noncompliance without directly suspending or revoking licenses or certificates.

What happens at the beginning of a FAA enforcement case?

There is an opportunity at the beginning of most enforcement cases for informal procedures, including a conference with an FAA attorney, to give the alleged violator a chance to bring to the FAA’s attention information favorable to it, i.e. exculpatory or mitigating evidence. This is an area in which Eric Kallio’s advice will be extremely helpful. 

Reasons for FAA Enforcement Actions

FAA enforcement actions can address a wide range of violations, including:

  • Operating aircraft in an unsafe manner
  • Violations of airspace restrictions
  • Failure to maintain proper records or logs
  • Noncompliance with maintenance and inspection requirements
  • Substance abuse violations among aviation personnel

Consequences of FAA Enforcement Actions

The consequences of FAA enforcement actions can be severe, impacting professional reputations, careers, and financial standings. These consequences may include fines, suspension or revocation of certificates, and even, in extreme cases, criminal charges. The repercussions extend beyond immediate penalties, potentially affecting future employment opportunities and professional certifications in the aviation industry.

How Such Actions Have Been Recently Redefined

In recent years, the FAA has seen a shift in how it approaches enforcement actions, moving towards a more compliance-oriented approach. This shift aims to enhance safety by encouraging voluntary compliance and addressing underlying issues leading to regulatory noncompliance rather than solely imposing punitive measures.

The Compliance and Enforcement Program

The FAA’s Compliance and Enforcement Program represents the agency’s approach to ensuring adherence to aviation laws and regulations. This program emphasizes identifying and correcting underlying causes of noncompliance, utilizing a range of tools from counseling and education to enforcement actions when necessary. The goal is to enhance safety through improved compliance while minimizing the need for punitive actions.

How Eric Kallio Can Help You Defend Against the Rigors of FAA Enforcement Actions

Eric Kallio’s unique combination of legal expertise and aviation knowledge positions him as an exceptional resource for those facing FAA enforcement actions. Following are five important services he will provide to assist you with your defense:

Thoughtful Guidance regarding how to navigate the complexities of FAA regulations and the enforcement process.

Strategic Defense customized to your specific situation, designed to minimize the impact of enforcement actions on your career, finances, and reputation. 

Negotiation and Representation are well-founded in aviation law and are persuasive enough to protect you from severe penalties while adeptly addressing compliance issues. 

Compliance Planning to ensure that you develop and implement compliance plans to prevent future violations and enhance operational safety.

Educational Resources and Training to help you obtain a deeper understanding of FAA regulations and best practices for compliance.

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