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If you are a pilot in Prairieville, Ascension Parish, the Greater Baton Rouge area or across the country who is  facing an FAA Order of Suspension or Revocation, now is the time to reach out to Eric Kallio at Kallio Law Firm, LLC. With a wealth of experience in aviation, Eric Kallio has the outstanding credentials and skill set you need to meet the challenges you now face. 

His military aviation career spanned two decades. He began as a medic before moving into flight training and eventually retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer 4, having been deployed several times. Eric’s distinguished background in both aviation and litigation sets him apart as an exceptionally qualified attorney for clients embroiled in legal issues related to an FAA Emergency Order of Suspension or Revocation.

What Is an FAA Emergency Order of Suspension or Revocation?

An FAA Emergency Order of Suspension or Revocation is a legal instrument the FAA uses to immediately suspend or revoke an airman’s certification. This measure is taken when the FAA determines that the airman’s conduct, condition, or operation poses a threat to public safety or or commercial aviation safety. These orders are critical tools for ensuring that aviation standards and safety regulations are strictly adhered to.

Although having this power is crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of the aviation community, the immediate nature of these actions means that targeted individuals must secure outstanding legal representation swiftly to ensure that their rights are protected and they are treated fairly. This is the precise area in which Eric Kallio can prove invaluable. 

When and How is an Order of Suspension or Revocation Issued?

The FAA may issue an order of suspension or revocation after an investigation into an airman’s behavior or qualifications. If the FAA finds that the public safety or interest requires immediate action, it will issue an emergency order on-the-spot. The airman receives notification of the order and the reasons for it, along with information about how to appeal the decision.

Examples of Violations That Trigger Such Orders

Violations that can lead to an FAA Emergency Order of Suspension or Revocation include:

  • Violation of airspace restrictions
  • Flying under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Falsification of records or certificates
  • Allowing a non-pilot to manipulate controls of an aircraft in an attempt to set a record or engage in an aeronautical competition
  • Knowingly installing, producing, repairing, or selling counterfeit or fraudulently represented aviation parts or materials
  • Engaging in reckless or dangerous flying practices

These are examples of actions the FAA deems serious enough to warrant immediate suspension or revocation of an airman’s certification.

Penalties for the Suspension or Revocation

The consequences of suspension or revocation can be severe, including the loss of the ability to operate as a pilot, fines up to $50,000 for individuals, and, in severe cases, criminal charges. The exact penalties depend on the nature of the violation and the airman’s history.

How Can an Order Be Appealed?

An airman has several avenues to appeal an FAA emergency order, including:

  • Requesting an informal conference with the FAA
  • Filing a petition for review with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
  • Taking legal action in the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals

Each of these avenues presents an opportunity for the airman to challenge the FAA’s findings and present evidence and arguments in their defense. For each, it is essential to have a strong aviation lawyer like Eric Kallio at your side.

Requalifying for a Pilot Certificate After Revocation

Unlike suspended certificates, which are reinstated after the suspension period, revoked pilot certificates become permanently invalid. Therefore, the pilot may not exercise any privileges of a revoked pilot certificate and must complete start and complete the application process once again to obtain a new certificate.

Pilots with revoked certificates need to apply and qualify for a new certificate, including retaking all written and practical tests.

Why Eric Kallio is the Right Attorney To Help You Fight Suspension or Revocation

Fighting an FAA Emergency Order of Suspension or Revocation requires a detailed understanding of aviation law and FAA regulations. It involves gathering evidence, preparing legal arguments, and navigating the appeal process effectively. This is where the in-depth knowledge of a seasoned aviation attorney becomes indispensable.

Eric Kallio’s unique blend of aviation experience and legal acumen makes him the ideal attorney to represent airmen facing FAA Emergency Orders of Suspension or Revocation. His comprehensive understanding of both practical and legal aspects of aviation ensures that you will receive the most effective defense possible.

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